Transform Unused Spaces
into Vibrant Retail Spots

Turn Your Idle Commercial Space into a Revenue Generator

Turn Your Idle Commercial Space into a Revenue Generator

Turn Your Idle Commercial Space into a Revenue Generator

Do you have unused areas in your commercial space? Parrade connects you with product sellers seeking the perfect spot to showcase their wares. Join us in reinventing retail, one space at a time. Launching in January 2024.

Why Parrade?

Open a New Customer Acquisition Channel

List your space on Parrade to attract online sellers and their customers to your venue. Boost foot traffic and engage customers with immersive shopping experiences right in your space.

Retail Everywhere

Every location is a potential goldmine for unique, immersive shopping experiences.

Leasing Platform Coming Soon!

Step into the future of retail. Starting Q1 2024, you can lease your space to a variety of online sellers, including those in the baby products, home decor, and electronics categories.

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Maximize Your Unused Space

Every square foot counts. With Parrade, even the smallest shelf or wall space can become a source of income and attraction. Transform unused areas into showcases for online sellers eager to display their products to a wider audience. Don't let any space go to waste; join Parrade and start optimizing your commercial environment.

How it Works

  1. List Your Space: Post your available space on Parrade and set your leasing terms. Spaces as small as 1 sqft are welcome!

  1. Connect With Sellers: Match with sellers looking for the perfect space to display their products.

  1. Welcome Shoppers: Your space will draw shoppers wanting to physically interact with products they've seen online.

  1. Get Paid Swiftly: Parrade handles all payments, ensuring you receive your earnings without delay.

Parrade Forward

Have space in your business? Join our waitlist for first access to the Parrade platform, and help shape the future of retail!