Get Paid to Increase Your Foot Traffic

Oct 19, 2023

Have you ever wondered what to do with that unused corner or space in your cafe, gym, lobby, or waiting area? Well, it's time to stop staring at it and start putting it to work. Enter Parrade.

Parrade is your partner that helps you monetize these spaces while boosting your foot traffic. Let's turn those lifeless areas in your business into lively retail spots.

The struggle of commercial space owners

Are you feeling weighed down by soaring operational costs and lackluster marketing ROI? You're in good company. The struggle is real when it comes to balancing loans and day-to-day expenses. And add the challenge of maximizing the value of every square inch of your space. It's enough to make anyone's head spin.

You may have nailed the coffee blend or the squat rack layout, but even during peak hours, that lonely corner or wall is not earning its keep.

After handling all the day-to-day operations, the last thing you want to do is stress about how to fill those empty corners. Nor about how to increase foot traffic.

The heartbeat of your business

Remember when people said the internet would kill brick-and-mortar? They were wrong. The digital world can be your best foot traffic magnet. With Parrade, we're taking online-to-offline to the next level. Foot traffic isn't just a metric—it's your business's heartbeat, pulsing with opportunities.

Each new customer that walks through your door is a chance to expand your brand visibility and engagement.

Parrade pays you to increase your foot traffic

Imagine if you don't have to pay more to your marketing agency to increase your foot traffic. What if you could get paid to draw new potential customers to your establishment?

We connect you with online product sellers looking for physical spaces to showcase their products. It's like matchmaking but for retail!

Our platform lets you list as many spaces as you'd like - at no cost! We match you with sellers wishing to get their products in front of real-life shoppers.

When shoppers search for sellers' products online, we send them to your establishment to view the products you are showcasing.

Make money by leasing your space. Grow your customer base. It's not just revenue; it's community building.

How it benefits you

  • Lease your unused space: We match you with vetted sellers. Choose products that fit your business and environment. You set the lease terms and price per cubic foot.

  • Increased foot traffic: Unlock a new customer acquisition channel at no cost.

  • Save on decor costs: From furniture to wall art to artificial plants. You can decorate your public spaces with Parrade and save money.

By leasing your unused space, you're also giving online sellers - especially new sellers, a chance to have their first break into physical retail.

Ready to unlock new growth opportunities?

Why leave money on the table? Transform your space and boost your business by joining our waitlist today.